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Braille Line Flat 20

Braille-Line Flat 20:

Compact and cost effective Braille line with 20 (40, 60, 80) Braille cells with flat or concave tactile caps and one, two or no interactive button. Assembled in a plastic housing with stable bottom plate. Can be connecting them in line to built up 40, 60 or 80 characters. Fast piezo-actuated tactile dots,  integrated drive electronic and power supply for the piezo actuators. The tactile forces are adjustable. The Braille line is controlled via an 8-pin connector with a 1.25 mm raster or via a FFC socket.

Technical Data:


Dimensions (w x h x d):      128.4 x  66.4 x 15.9 mm

Dot spacing:                          2.45 mm

Dot height:                             ca. 0.7 mm

Cell spacing:                         6.42 mm

Tactile force:                          min. 17 cN

Connector:                             SIL 1.25 mm, 8 Pins, FFC

Lifetime:                                 > 10^6 piezo actuations







Tactile caps:


Caps with flat or concave tactile surface and with one, two or no interactive button are available. See our data sheet Caps B12.pdf.


Braille-Line Flat 20 1 x IAB
Drawing Braille Line Flat 20
Tactile cap B12 flat 2 x IAB
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For further information please download our datasheet

Braille-Line Flat20.pdf       Braille-Line Flat20 Electronic       Caps B12.pdf


P20 Line 40
P20 Line 40.