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Cell D2 S
Cell D2 S.
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Cell D2 S

Braille cell D2S:

The Braille cell D2 in an upright design with 10 tactile dots has been developed for the tablet display. The tactile dots have a dot spacing of 2.5 mm in both directions, thus enabling an x-y-arrangement of the cells in almost any desired number. Thus, graphics like spreadsheet or outlines can be shown anywhere on the display and also Braille characters by simply leaving out a line of tactile dots between each character.  

Technical Data:


Dimensions (w x d x h):       12.5  x  5  x  51,8 mm Dot spacing:                           2.5 mm

Dot height:                              ca. 0.7 mm

Cell spacing:                          5.0 mm

Tactile force:                           min. 30 cN

Connector:                              SIL 1,27mm, 8 pins

Drive electronic:                     Low-power ASIC-

                                                 electronic on PCB.



Hyperbraille Modul D2

For further information please download our datasheet

Cell D2 S.pdf